Wayne County Bible Quizzing

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Wayne County Bible Quizzing

Bible quizzing is an opportunity for young people from different churches to come together and develop new friendships and strengthen their relationship with God. This is done by reading, studying and quizzing over selected portions of the Bible.                                                            

The material this year is the English Standard Version of the book of Mark.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the need for more socially distanced room space, Fairlawn Mennonite in Apple Creek will be hosting all local matches for the 2021 season. ALL IN ATTENDANCE WILL BE REQUIRED TO WEAR MASKS.  

  • 2020 Longenecker
    2020 Longenecker
  • 2020 Oak Grove
    2020 Oak Grove
  • 2020 Orrville
    2020 Orrville
  • 2020 Smithville
    2020 Smithville
  • 2020 Sonnenberg
    2020 Sonnenberg

How a Quizzing Match Works

In each match of quizzing, there are 15 questions. The quiz-master will read the question, and either team can 'buzz in' at any point. The player then has 30 seconds to answer. A correct answer is worth 10 points, but an incorrect answer costs an error. After an incorrect answer is given, the question is asked to the corresponding player on the other team for a chance at 10 points. Once 5 or more errors have been accumulated by a team, each error is worth -5 points. If one quizzer answers 3 questions correct, they will 'quiz out', earning their team 5 bonus points. If 4 quizzers from a team all buzz in and give a correct answer, they will earn a 'team bonus', worth 20 bonus points. After 15 questions, whoever has the most points wins!

Scripture   (Mark)
 Jan. 10, 2021
 Mark 1 - 4:9
 Jan. 17  
 Mark 4:10 - 6:13
 Jan. 24   
 Mark 6:14 - 7
 Jan. 31  
 Snow Week
 Feb. 7
 Mark 8 - 9:41
 Feb. 14   
 Mark 9:42 -   11:19
 Feb. 21   
 Mark 11:20 -   13:23
 Feb. 28    
 Mark 13:24 -   14:65
 Mar. 7    
 Mark 14:66 - 16
 Mar. 14
 Break Week
 Mar. 21
 Local Tournament
 All Material
 Mar. 26-28
 Possible Invitational Tournament
 All Material
14367 Hackett Rd, Dalton, Ohio